Our Journey!

Tasha & Darren

            Well my journey with Darren & Tasha started at the beginning of the summer in 2018. We were introduced by a co-worker who had too much on the go at the time to properly take care of them, so she asked if I would be interested in helping out. Of course I was and upon first meeting Tasha & Darren we got started looking for the perfect home for their family of 4. 
            With a limited selection of homes coming up in their portal, we spent a lot of the summer and into the fall looking at different possibilities, but none checked all of the boxes. The family was hoping not to have to move during the winter, so we put our search on hold when the snow started to fly. We kept their portal open to keep an eye on things just in case ‘the one’ popped up and sure enough a home that had everything they were looking for came on the market. We went to check it out that week, but the timing just was not right and even though it was a very cute home, it just was not the one that was meant to be.
            It wasn’t until school was almost out for the girls when we started really looking again this year. There were a few homes that were popping up that seemed to be very promising but we consistently found a deal breaker in each. Doing everything we could to uncover every home, we kept searching.
            I received a message asking about a home that has the for-sale sign put up for across from Tasha’s mom’s house. It was unfortunately out of our budget so we kept looking. Within a couple of days the home dropped down $20,000 and we made an appointment to view it that day. We knew we had to act fast because this home at that price was not lasting long and we were right. We had our offer in within a couple of hours, and unfortunately 2 other groups joined us. We tried our hardest but lost out to another family.
            This loss felt extra heavy as the home was perfect for them. I assured them that if we didn’t have the best offer this house was just not meant to be and we would find an even better one. That week we looked at another few homes and started talking about what options we had moving forward.
A week after we had lost out on the offer we had made, I received a call from the listing agent. He had a gut feeling the buyers were not going to be able to satisfy their financing condition and if we were still interested the home would likely be hitting the market that evening.
            I called Tasha and told her the great news and she was elated. I met with her and Darren that evening to re submit our offer and shortly after we got the best news, THEY ACCEPTED OUR OFFER. We went the next day for our home inspection. They were a little apprehensive on a couple of things we had noticed but by the end of the home inspection their minds were 100% put at ease and all that was left to do was to wait on our mortgage professional to give us the good word on our financing.
            After being extra diligent in making sure everything was in order, we received the news that we had all been waiting for. Tasha and Darren had officially bought their first home. A huge weight was lifted and a short 11 days later they will be moving in to their perfect family home. I am beyond excited for them, this truly is the home we had been waiting for. It really was meant to be!
Welcome Home Tasha & Darren!   

3131 Ness SOLD!

Theresa & Marcel

     I was first introduced to Theresa in November 2018. I received a call from a relative who was going to be installing new windows on her home in the spring and was curious as to why, after the home was on the market for months at an extremely competitive price for the area, the home was not selling. I hoped on my computer and went to work. All of the comparable homes in the area were priced WAY higher and after spending some time, I had nothing, no clue why it was sitting. I was able to meet with Theresa later that day to get to the bottom of this and see if there was something I was missing or had overlooked. Still nothing. The home was on a busier corner and the yard was modest, but to be listed that far under the assessed value for that long was not making sense.
    We decided the best thing for her and Marcel was to wait for the spring, so when we were able to sell their home, they would be able to make the move out to their cabin like they had been dreaming of. When spring arrived and the windows were in and looking amazing, it was time to get to business. Within the week we had the photos taken and we hit the market. We had a ton of showings and after being on the market for 3 weeks we had received our first offer! After a series of unfortunate events resulted in the people who wrote the offer to decide to walk away.
    Making sure to keep Theresa and Marcel 100% informed on everything that was happening, all of the feedback from the showings and any new interest, we kept moving forward, kept up our strong team mentality and stayed positive. After many more showings, the couple that had originally made us an offer came back and decided that this home was exactly what their family was looking for. They re-wrote their offer with the only condition being financing. Theresa and Marcel were rightfully skeptical when I brought them the new offer, but after being able to talk it through we decided it was exactly what we needed to help them make the move out to the lake. Their financing condition was satisfied and Theresa and Marcel can finally pack up and enjoy the good life at the lake! 
Welcome home Theresa & Marcel!

The Dolinski Family

            My journey with the Dolinski family started in April when I got the email and I was thrilled to be able to help them with their move once again. A couple years back, work brought them into a new subdivision, where they were able to live right across the street from their new job. While the new area was beautiful, it just didn’t feel like ‘home’, so it was clear that it was time for them to head back to the Charleswood area where they had previously lived.
            We were able to get started looking for their next home while they got their condo ready to go on the market. A few homes that had potential came and went but nothing that really stood out or wowed them. Then things became a little quiet, as they finished getting everything ready, photos done and their condo into the market. They decided to list their home privately, as they had success with it before and had a pretty good idea of what they were doing. A few weeks after their condo was listed they received a great offer and once everything was in place for the sale, we hit the ground running.
            Another couple days of seeing various homes, they decided to open up their search area. A ton of great homes popped up and after a few more days of showings, we found ‘the one’. Tucked away, a short distance from the area they were originally interested in, they found a great home that had been loved and cared for by the previous family for many years. After the second visit to the home, it was clear that this was going to be a great fit for their family.
            We arranged for the conditions of our offer to be satisfied after the 7-Day Cooling Off Period was finished on their condo and it worked out perfectly. As the cooling off period was ending I received an email from their mortgage specialist, they were good to go and their financing was approved. Now all that is left is to finish packing and enjoy their moving day. Welcome home! 

Winnipeg Real Estate

James & Kaitlin's FIrst Home!

 I am so, incredibly happy for Kaitlin and James in buying their first home! Our journey together started many years ago, when the 3 of us worked together at our first job at the Old Spaghetti Factory. After working together for a couple of years, our friendship really grew and to this day they are still some of my very favorite people ever.
            When I heard they were thinking of buying a home, I was so excited for them. We booked our buyers appointment for later that week and everything seemed to be going perfect! Once they were able to meet with an amazing Mortgage Broker, it was decided that they would need to wait for one more piece of paperwork from James’ work before they could start looking. They were so patient in waiting, watching the new listings come and go, keeping an eye on everything that was going on. Three months passed and we finally got the last piece of the puzzle and the second the mortgage was pre-approved we hit the ground running.
            They were so diligent in organizing the listings they were sent, until James decided to take a look at one that had been filed in the “garbage”. After asking Kaitlin what was wrong with the home and why it had been discarded, they decided it actually looked like a very cute home and wanted to take a look. We went out that weekend and check out a few homes, James with the idea they were just starting the journey and Kaitlin ready to write the offer and move in! By the end of the day, they were both on board and LOVED the home that was dug out of the garbage just a couple days before. Any other they saw failed in comparison and they decided it was time to write an offer. Not many people get away with falling in love and buying the third home they see, but that is exactly the case for them. Their offer was accepted the next day and conditions all satisfied shortly after. Now the countdown is on until they get to move in. I am so honoured and thrilled that I was able to help them through their journey. I cannot wait until we celebrate when they have moved in. Welcome home James and Kaitlin!